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IT Infra Services


Alphabit has highly skilled Engineers in Configuring, Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Routers, Switches, Firewalls and all types of network devices. We do Preventive maintenance and Annual maintenance for the customers' existing network setup as well.

We design, install, configure and test all of the network devices. We perform Data Centre Audits and provide detailed assessment to our customer to safely alter, operate and maintain it.


A WLAN is a wireless architecture that aims to meet changing network demands. A WLAN controller manages wireless network access points that allow wireless devices to connect to the network. A wireless access point is similar to an amplifier. It takes the bandwidth coming from a router and stretches it so that many devices can go on the network from farther distances away.

Our highly skilled engineers will take care of these installations and configurations to get the seamless network connectivity.


Alphabit is one among the leading ICT solution providers in the UAE. We offer a wide range of ICT Solutions including all types of communication devices like Audio-Video equipment for Conference room, training hall, IP Telephony, IPTV, Computers, Network hardware and so on.

We understand the needs and demands of our clients and cater accordingly with the best solution in the region. We offer a complete solution tailored to meet the expectations of every industry which will be achieved by our highly skilled professionals.


Voice and data cabling is the connection between your end device such as your PC, telephone, printer or fax to the world of technology allowing it to be used in your business. Cabling needs to be done correctly from the get-go or issues will arise. In the same way that WiFi helps you use laptops and your cell phone, cabling is a hardwired, faster and more secure version of that. We provide the best cabling structure to our customers in a professional, reliable and affordable manner.


IPTV is a service that provides television programming and other video content using the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) suite, as opposed to broadcast TV, cable TV or satellite signals. It is typically distributed by a service provider, delivers live TV programs or on-demand video content via IP networks.

We are a promising organization providing IPTV installation in UAE. We have dedicated professionals who employ the best practices and right solution for the implementation of the IPTV.


Network cables are used to connect network-enabled devices and transfer data and information between switches, routers, data storage, IP phones, and other network-enabled devices. Alphabit is a full-service network cabling provider in the UAE with the capability of designing and implementing structured cabling. Providing network cabling services throughout a business entails cable laying, connector face plate installation, network cabinets, and cable testing.The cable will be unshielded twisted pair (UTP), screened (foil) unshielded twisted pair (F/UTP), shielded twisted pair (STP), or multi-mode or single mode fibre optics depending on the requirements.


Office relocation is a part of office setup. Relocating an office, whether it is a single office or an entire division, is a complex, time-consuming, and stressful operation. With us, the same procedure can be made short, easy, and stress-free. While you focus on your core business, we ensure that your office setup is on schedule, smooth, and stress-free which includes office designing as well.


Alphabit Networks understands that you must do more important things than troubleshoot problems. So, when any technical issue occurs, we can either assist you on-call, provide remote assistance, or on-site visits within a guaranteed period, depending on the issue.


A Commercial Display is a part of a more extensive system. Commercial displays are built more for an office/business setting where environments may be diverse. Like, higher temperatures in a kitchen or loading docks. Greater exposure to dust or grease, etc. Examples of use are, lobby areas or waiting rooms, digital signage, way-finding kiosk, menu boards in restaurants, and large conference rooms. Commercial displays will not dim, in fact, they are designed to stay as bright in full daylight as they are in the dark with auto-adjust sensors. We are partnered with the leading commercial display providers in the UAE to provide the best solution for your requirements.